Monday, June 4, 2012

Review and Giveaway–J&N Baby Wetbag

I was recently asked by the owner of J&N Baby wetbag to do a review and giveaway.  So first up is the Review.

THE SIZES:  These wetbags come in 4 sizes so.. no matter what the use there is a size for you!  The sizes that I received were great.  The larger one I received (20”x17”)was great to put in the nursery and add dirty diapers to as my baby used them.  Currently it has 6 pocket diapers and 6 inserts, with it only being a little over half full. The smaller one that I’m giving away appears the perfect size to use in your diaper bag and when out on the run.
THE FABRIC  These wetbags come in 10 different fabric designs.  They are constructed of just a single layer of PUL.  Which I actually LOVE.  The downfall to my more expensive double layered wetbag is that, it is a bit heavier and when thrown in the wash, the two layers separate and pop out in opposite directions and it takes a bit of time getting the layers back matched up.  This isn’t a HUGE problem, just gets annoying when I wash the wetbag every time I use it with the dirty diapers.  So this single layer PUL wetbag is better in this way.  I have this one and my other one hanging side by side and I tend to use this one first EVERY time! The other thing I just noticed when going back to measure the size of mine, was that the smell, or lack of smell.  The PUL although I don’t think is advertised as a smell blocker, IT IS.  I leave the zipper open at the top while the wetbag is hanging in the nursery so its easy to just drop the dirty diaper in it.  Even with the zipper open it sort of folded on itself and kept the smell in until I reached in and got my head up by the open zipper to count the diapers that were in it.  After this pungent wall of smell hit me, I stepped back and smelled the outside of the bag, (not by the zipper) and noticed NO SMELL.  I love this because my diapers get washed every 2-3 days so this is a key concept for me… keep the smell away!!
CONSTRUCTION:  Like I mentioned before this is a single layer of PUL fabric, which I love.  But the stitching is first class.  I have been using this bag for about 3 weeks with it being washed approximately every 3-4 days, and none of the stitching has come undone or any faults have been noticed in the wetbags seams.  The zipper is a small zipper with small teeth which seals better than large tooth zippers.  Therefore a great zipper to use on a wetbag.  On the corner each of the bags has a strap for hanging.  It has a great plastic snap that holds well and isn’t metal so no chance of rusting!
SUMMERY:  In summery I love this wetbag and choose it over my other more expensive ones.  These wetbags are super affordable at only $10.00.  And are easy to use and wash. Construction is great!  The only thing I could see making this GREAT wetbag even better, would be to put another layer of PUL on one side with a separate zipper into a second compartment, so that when on the go you have a place to put your clean diapers and a section for your dirty diapers.  With that said, most wetbags don’t have this option, its just an option I dream about in a super light weight wetbag like this one!

GIVEAWAY:  I’ll be giving away the smaller bag in the picture above to one lucky reader.  Just do the things in the rafflercopter below to enter to win!

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother in the Kitchen…

You may take this post wrong…however I’m going to attempt to explain.  I don’t necessarily believe a mothers place is in the kitchen!  I’m a working mother of 2 and a full time nurse at our local hospital.  So I’m VERY career oriented.  However, I attempt often to create a great sit-down meal for my family.  I feel at the end of the day…the family together around the table is the best thing!  I think these aprons are the most darling thing!  I don’t own one but maybe someday!!  Our family tradition is to have dinner together and play High Part / Low Part.  Where we tell about the best and worst part of our day… do you have any family traditions??

Womens Kitchen Apron - PLUS SIZE - Fully LINED Apron - Double Skirt Aprons - Heavy Fabrics

Friday, May 4, 2012


Mother’s day to me, means FAMILY!  Love this frame!

A Personalised, 3D wooden Family Tree in a box frame, Gift for Wedding, Anniversary, New Born, Christening, Keepsake, Mothers/ Fathers Day

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Importance of Mothers Day…

As mothers day gets closer I find myself thinking about the holiday.  I don’t know if many of you have thought the way I do, However before I became a mother I really didn’t know the significance of Mothers day.  It was just another day. Now that I’m a mother of my own I cherish this holiday to tell my mothers just how important they are!  I love my mom and mother-in-law, but I guess I took what they did for granted until I became a mother myself. I’m so thankful to them and thankful that they are the best grand-MOTHERS I could ask for, for my children. With this holiday coming up I’ve decided to showcase a handmade item that I love, that signifies something about motherhood.   This first item is something that I have wanted for a very long time, although I knew I would have to wait until I was done having children.  A mother/family necklace.  There are many on Etsy but these caught my eye… Hope you love them.

Personalized Hand Stamped Family  Mothers Necklace... Family Tree... Oh What Love

2 Disc Custom Hand Stamped Pendant with SPARKLER/SNAKE Chain

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Item…super excited to offer something new.

So recently I’ve been thinking about getting my sewing machine back out and making a few new items for the shop.  I previously made bibs, a few years back, and then stopped making them for some reason.  Not really sure why but I’m ready to BRING THEM BACK.  If you purchased my bibs in the past, these are made of the same fabric just  a different pattern.  My new bibs snap in the front, which I believe to be more convenient. Each is made with a stylish cotton print fabric on the front and can be reversed to an absorbent terry cloth on the opposite side.  So whichever you are needing at the time… cute (cotton print) or more functional (terry cloth) you have both options.  Each bib measures 11.5” in length and 8” wide.  The length that extends on the child’s chest is 6.5”.  With my previous bibs I used metal pearlized snaps, which I liked but… they can rust and are kind of a pain to put on.  I recently ordered some plastic kamsnaps and I’m super excited to try these. I hope I love them and they come in many colors.  I’m starting out with just white though!  They should be here by the end of the week and then the bibs that are completed will be officially listed!  I have loved making this first batch of bibs and can’t wait to cut out more.  Maybe even tomorrow!!  I also have another new item in my mind….I’ll be offering soon as well.  I’ll reveal this item towards the end of the week.  Hope you love the BIBS.

 2012-04-03 22.15.19

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Fever giveaway

Well as much as it doesn’t seem like spring around here in Idaho, it officially is.  Today it is snowing so I’m not thrilled about that.  I’m ready to get spring on its actual way so that the girls and I can get outside and enjoy some good weather!  My 4 year old is a bit confined in the house with this weather and it definitely shows!   So here is your Spring Fever Giveaway: