Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother in the Kitchen…

You may take this post wrong…however I’m going to attempt to explain.  I don’t necessarily believe a mothers place is in the kitchen!  I’m a working mother of 2 and a full time nurse at our local hospital.  So I’m VERY career oriented.  However, I attempt often to create a great sit-down meal for my family.  I feel at the end of the day…the family together around the table is the best thing!  I think these aprons are the most darling thing!  I don’t own one but maybe someday!!  Our family tradition is to have dinner together and play High Part / Low Part.  Where we tell about the best and worst part of our day… do you have any family traditions??

Womens Kitchen Apron - PLUS SIZE - Fully LINED Apron - Double Skirt Aprons - Heavy Fabrics

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