Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life is precious…Buy a Hat and Support Jayci Darrington Memorial Fund

Last week, I found out that one of my best friends from high school’s little girl was missing.  My heart sunk and my mind started flashing to what Krissy and her family must be going through.  Her little girl was being watched by family friends and somehow got to the river that was next to the house!  I’m sure it was a very long agenizing night for the family since they hadn’t found her until  morning.  Since then I have done a double take on everything I’ve done!  I can’t imagine the feeling of losing a child and my mind tries not to think about it because all I do is cry.  There hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I don’t think about Krissy and her family and cry.    I only got the privilege of meeting Jayci one time last summer when my family joined Krissy and the girls at the Boise Zoo.  Since all this has taken place I have to say that I’m a better mother!  It has made me Really stop and think about what is important in my life, my family!  I hug my daughter longer, and stronger, and have been taking more pictures… (if that’s even possible). I know this little girl of merely 16 months has touched my life more than a lot of people I know and live with every day.  I thank my friend Krissy for letting me into and continue to be in their lives.  She is one of the most amazing mothers and I don’t know how she gets her strength.  She just flat out amazes me.  As you may know Krissy and I live in opposite parts of Idaho, she lives down by twin falls, and I of course up north in Post Falls.  Since I haven’t been able to reach out and give her a huge hug I’m trying to help in another way.  I’ve decided that all the sales from my children hats this month will be donated to the Jayci Darrington Memorial Fund.  So if you can please purchase a hat to help donate money to this amazing family!  If you don’t need a hat you can click on the above link and send a donation there way directly.
I just want to say Krissy if your reading this, I’m so sorry for your loss!  I don’t have any words that can take the pain away, and I know times will be rough!  But just hold on to everyone around you and little Jayci will be watching over you forever!  I love you and continue to think of you hourly!

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