Saturday, December 11, 2010

Changed my Facebook Links

So today I deleted the link from my facebook to my etsy.  Two reasons really.  The first being that you have to have an etsy account to buy from me there.  Not that I don’t want others to love etsy like I do.  But its kind of annoying for people that don’t want to make an account.  And second, on my independent and my artfire site I pay a flat fee to have these sites, while etsy I pay percentages of sales!  So its more beneficial to me to get everyone to purchase from my independent and artfire sites.  Your more than welcome to continue to purchase from etsy if you feel more comfortable there, I do love selling there. However if you don’t have an account visit my artfire shop at or my independent site at to make your purchases!

Jocelyn – The Royal Blossom

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