Friday, November 19, 2010

Our Handmade Holiday...what do you do for the Holidays!?

This year I vowed to do alot of handmade items for family. Yes I know some just can't do handmade...or at least I can't! My husbands big into hunting and if i could whip up a very cool item that says cabelas on it, i'd be the hero in our family!!! LOL but I can't, However, I can do other things that work out well for our family. I try to make what I can for the family items, and what I can't make I do trades on handmade sites like etsy. If you contact someone and they like what you make there is a good chance that you can workout a trade! That works well for our family. Also I have learned that sites such as you can do amazing photo books, and even though they aren't entirely home made, they come from the heart which i think is the main thing that homemade brings to gifts! what are you doing for your homemade holiday??

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